Works in Progress

February 16th, 2011

Step 1 

Client has sterling silver earrings that she wanted made into gold with stones added.


Step 2 Rubber mold

Tiki started with wax images made by molding clients earrings originally made of sterling silver only, no stones. Here is a picture of the mold. Note patterns are left and right reversible earrings.

Rubber mold

Step 3, 4, 5, 6

The wax patterns shown in step 2 are invested into a high heat substance similar in appearance to plaster of paris in a flask. These patterns are then burned out at 1000 degrees for five hours. At that time, the flask is held at temperature, then the metal brought to a melt then flung or injected into the pattern holes left behind. The gold comes out an ugly brown color. It must be pickled in an acid bath, three sands and buffing sessions, stones set. At long last the work is finished and with success comes out looking like the finished product Step 7.

Step 7

Tiki’s 14k yellow gold and diamond earrings.

TC 14K YG rose ring,ER (24)